Best car wash franchise

Getting a car washing franchise is a great way of branching out with your own business. Now that supermarket car parks are full of hand car wash services there are more opportunities than ever before. The best car wash franchise in the UK really depends on the area of the country you live in, but we’ve taken a look at the national franchises like Wave.


These are the guys behind the Tesco Hand Car Wash businesses you see in the car parks of each Tesco supermarket across the country. Since 2011 they’ve been the sole provider of this service to Tesco. At the moment they operate in more than 180 supermarkets across the country but there are more proposals in the pipeline. Working with these guys gives you everything you need for a successful business as they support their franchisees. But it’s the location that will bring you the real profits.

Eco car washes

There are lots of franchise opportunities with Eco car washes (ecocarwashes.co.uk). ECW franchisees purchase Eco Car Washes products and equipment at a massively reduced price. These guys will also support you throughout the process of setting up and running the business. The business is eco-friendly as a waterless system is employed. Rather than water a kaolin clay compound is put onto the car. It’s then removed with a soft micro fibre cloth. Removing the compound removes the dirt from the car’s surface. Buffing with carnauba wax finishes the job.

Hand car wash

The third franchise we’d recommend joining is Car Park Valeting Ltd. They have businesses at over 100 sites in the UK including Waitrose, ASDA and Sainsbury’s. Head to carparkvaleting.com for more information on their franchise opportunities.

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