Comparing the best current accounts available

All the top banks and well known financial institutions offer current accounts, each offering different interest rates and benefits. Comparing the best current accounts available will help you choose an account most suited to your needs.

The National Westminster Bank has one of the most popular current accounts available and it is not hard to see why that is the case. Their current account comes with a Visa debit card, which can be used in ATM machines all over the world. They also offer fraud alerts on your account, meaning any strange or irregular activity will automatically trigger a phone call to you to check you know your card is in use. They also offer the emergency cash facility which enables you to withdraw up to £300 from any ATM machine without your card. This is handy if you lose your card and are stuck somewhere with no money.

Another of the best current accounts available on the high street is the Barclay's Current Account Plus. This account requires you to pay a fee of £6.50 a month, and offers you the chance to apply for an interest-free overdraft. The account comes with free mobile phone insurance and the option to add other small household electrical goods to your policy for a small fee. It also provides full identity theft protection, as well as a 24-hour helpline that includes legal advice.

The Halifax Reward Current Account offers a £5 bonus each month when you deposit £1,000 or more. This applies even if your account is overdrawn. They offer an overdraft facility which allows you to pay the interest daily as oppose to monthly, meaning it is much easier to manage your finances. You are able to withdraw up to £300 at ATMs all over the UK and you can also top up your mobile phone from any Halifax ATM and it is withdrawn direct from your account.

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