Need help finding the best deals on travel insurance?

Finding the best deals on travel insurance in the UK may not be as difficult and time consuming as you might think. Since the introduction of price comparison websites, it is much easier to get a policy to suit you at a price that won't break the bank.

Before you jet off on your holidays, you should always have adequate travel insurance. Without an active policy you will not receive any medical treatment without paying cash up front in many countries. You might also suffer financial loss through flight cancellations, loss of items or muggings.

To get a competitive quote, you should visit moneysupermarket.com. They compare more than 450 travel insurance policies to find the best policy to suit your individual needs. The website makes it easy to compare the different benefits of each policy, not just the price!

Travelsupermarket.com is another great comparison website that you can use. As well as booking your travel insurance, you can also get great deals on flights, hotels and car rental.

Usually when you are booking travel insurance, you can choose from single trip, annual cover or backpackers cover. Most policies let you add extras such as winter sports or wedding cover to your policy.

Always make sure you are picking the right policy for you. If you plan to travel more than once a year, you can save significant amounts of money by booking annual cover where you can travel freely throughout the year knowing you are covered.

To get your quote for travel insurance, visit any of the comparison sites mentioned above.

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