Best dividend shares in FTSE 100

As the FTSE 100 index lists the nation’s top 100 capitalised UK-based companies on the London Stock Exchange, it’s the best UK stock market indicator there is. The FTSE represents around 80% of the market capitalisation of the London Stock Exchange so it’s the place to look for great dividend shares. A breakdown of the best dividend shares in FTSE 100 follows.

FTSE 100

The market doesn’t stand still so we can’t give you guarantees of firms who are offering great dividends forever but we can give you an idea of the industries to invest in if dividend payments are what you’re looking for. One of the first industries to consider for great dividend pay outs is the tobacco industry.British American Tobacco, the firm who supply the market with 555 and Lucky Strike among other brands, always offer high dividends. You should be able to realise around 150 per share dividend. Rivals Imperial Tobacco tend to pay out slightly less – around 130 to 140 per share.

Oil industry and energy firms

The oil industry is another high payer. A firm like Royal Dutch Shell, the brand behind Shell Oil, are routinely worth between 140 and 150 a share. Scottish and Southern Energy are another high performer on the FTSE 100. Share dividends of around 90 per share are often experienced by investors with these guys.


British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company Unilever are another consistently good bet on the FTSE 100. Share returns of around 90 are pretty common for London-based Unilever plc. This firm operate under 400 different brand names including household names like Hellmann's, Knorr, Lipton, Magnum and Surf.

Sky TV

These guys are also worth getting in bed with. The satellite TV firm continue to absorb the UK TV market and offer around 80 on each share.

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