Locate the Best Easy Access Savings Account with the Internet

When you are looking for the best easy access savings account for your needs, doing a search on the Internet can offer many banks and accounts to choose from. What turns out to be the best savings account is the one that meets your needs.

Determine What You Want From an Account

When it comes to finding a good savings account there are a lot of things to consider. Easy access savings accounts allow you to manage your account online, however, do you also want to be able to go to a branch, or check the account by telephone? How many withdrawals do you anticipate you may need to make? Is a bonus important to you, do you want automatic investing? What about the minimum investment required? Do you want a variable or a fixed rate of interest? Do you want interest added monthly or yearly?

Internet Comparison-Shopping

The Internet is a wonderful source of all sorts of information and comparing top saving accounts in UK becomes easy when you make use of it. Several websites do much of the work for you and provide lists of the current offerings for the different types of accounts. Check moneysupermarket.com, moneysavingexpert.com or money.co.ukfor information on saving accounts and other money help.

Accounts Available Now

If you want unlimited access to your savings, then ING Direct is worth looking at. It currently pays 3.00% variable interest, with a 2.45% bonus after the first 12 months. Access is available over the Internet or phone. Interest is paid monthly and there are no penalties for withdrawals or deposits. For a fixed rate savings account, check FirstSave with a 3.5% AER with a minimum deposit of 1,000 with annual interest and online access and four penalty free withdrawals. Once you’ve done the research, choosing the best easy access savings account for you should be a cinch.

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