Four of the best emerging market investments

In the last decade, more private investors have been taking a keen interest in the emerging markets of developing countries like China, Brazil and India, which have witnessed unprecedented economic growth in recent years. This article takes a look at the four best emerging market investments for investors in 2013.

Four of the best-performing global investment trusts

Invesco Asia Trust

Launched almost a quarter of a century ago, this trust is managed by Iain Hargreaves and Stuart Parks, and involves an annual management fee of just 0.75 percent. Its team of expert investment analysts specialise in identifying companies trading in discounts to their predicted future net worth.

M&G Global Emerging Markets

Operated by the investment fund manager Matthew Vaight, M&G Global Emerging Markets is constantly welcoming new investors to its board and has maintained an excellent track record since its launching in 2009, making it one of the best emerging market investments available today.

Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust

This trust is currently trading at a discount of 9.53 percent against its net asset value and incurs a small management fee of 1 percent. Total returns on £1,000 grew from approximately £1,060 in September 2012 to more than £1,300 by March 2013, with a 23.01 percent increase in total shares for the year ending May 28, 2013.

Pacific Assets

Under the management of First State, this investment firm is eyeing up Asian Pacific nations and India to deliver long-term capital growth. The company, which has been operating since 1984, has an annual management fee of 0.75 percent and currently has a 6 percent hold in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Emerging markets - still ripe for investment

Many international investors are already well aware that most of the opportunities for global investment lie in the developing economies, where growth continues to outstrip that of the Western world. However, emerging economies are generally much more unstable and are not subject to the same level governmental regulation as developed nations. From high inflation in Brazil to excessive bureaucracy in India, there are many external factors when determining which countries offer the best emerging market investments.

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