We check out who has the best fixed mortgage rates in the UK

If you like to avoid any nasty surprises down the line, then a fixed rate mortgage is absolutely the best way to avoid this. In these days of rising interest rates, a fixed rate mortgage also offers by far the best value. So just where can you find the best fixed mortgage rates in the UK? In this blog we'll be providing the answer.

Santander Bank are currently offering an extremely attractive Fixed Rate Mortgage package, which you can view at products.santander.co.uk/mortgage-information/fixed-rate-mortgage-uk.aspx. If you take out a mortgage with them you'll enjoy 2.99% interest for the first two years. Then it settles into a fixed rate of 4.2%.

The charges and rates on offer from Santander compare extremely favourably with all of the top UK financial institutions. There's a £1,195 fee for setting up the mortgage, there's an early repayment charge applicable during the fixed rate period, the minimum deposit required is 40%, and the maximum loan size is £250,000.

The amount you can borrow up to the maximum of £250,000 will depend on a number of factors, most important of which is you current income. Santander may require a higher deposit in some rare cases like if it's a flat or you are building a new property.

You can apply for one of their excellent value mortgages easily by filling in a small application form on their website, so check them out today for a great deal on your next mortgage.

We hope this guide has helped to point you in the direction of one of the best fixed mortgage rates in the UK. Good luck!

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