Where to Get the Best Fixed Rate Savings Account

We all crave certainty in our lives, but this was never more true than with respect to personal savings. Knowing how much money is available takes away much of the worry that's associated with household budgeting. If you want to get the best fixed rate savings account, you must be prepared to do a bit of research. There are literally hundreds of high rate savings accounts, but here are the ones that offer the most attractive rate of return.

ING Fixed Rate Savings Account

Although you can get 3% AER on an instant access account, the rate isn't guaranteed. If you're prepared to tie up your investment capital for a period of one year and have at least £1,000 at your disposal, you're guaranteed to get a return of 3.2% AER. Lock up your cash for 36 months, you'll receive 4% AER.

Post Office 1 Year Online Bond, Issue 5

If you've got at least £500 and are prepared to tie up your money for a year, you'll receive 3.41% AER. You cannot withdrawal money or add any extra to your initial deposit. The interest can either be added at the end of the term or sent to your current account on a monthly basis.

Northern Rock Fixed Rate e-ISA, Issue 16

Provided that you're over 16, you can invest up to £5,340 in a tax-free cash ISA account. Northern Rock offer savers who are prepared to lock up their money for a year 3.2% AER. It's important to note that, if your balance drops below £500, you'll receive just 0.1% AER on your savings.

How to Find the Best Fixed Rate Savings Account

Rather than visiting each bank in turn, you can use a price comparison site to do all of the groundwork for you. Always compare the rates at several different websites to verify that the information is 100% accurate. You may even be able to unearth an exclusive deal. Finding the top savings account has never been easier, even if the offer is available at a little-known building society.

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