Banks offering the best fixed savings rates

Are you about to open a Savings Account and you aren't looking forward to the trouble of trying to find out which UK bank is offering the best fixed savings rates? Well, we are here to help, as we have rounded up the rate that each UK financial institution is offering on their savings accounts so you don't have to.

The savings market in the UK is bursting with a huge variety of different savings products, so we have taken a selection of the very best ones for you to have a look at. Lloyds TSB are currently offering their eBond Savings Account which grants you an AER of 3.75% on a deposit of up to £1,000,000. You can apply for it on their site at www.lloydstsb.com. This account offers the best rate, but there is a huge notice period to actually access your cash, which is a big drawback for us.

The Nationwide are currently offering their MySave Online account which grants you an AER of 3.05% on a deposit up to £3,000,000. Interest is paid monthly, and there is a short notice period to access your cash. Apply online at www.nationwide.co.uk/.

ING Direct are offering their Savings Account Monthly right now with an AER of 3% and a maximum deposit of £250,000. Their account lets you access your money instantly and can be applied for online at www.ingdirect.co.uk.

Halifax have their excellent ISA Direct Reward Account up for application right now and it has an AER of 3%, and your maximum deposit is unlimited. You will also enjoy instant access to yuor cash if you need it. Apply online at www.halifax.co.uk/.

Finally, we recommend checking out Tesco Bank's Internet Saver account that offers a 2.9% AER and offers an unlimited maximum deposit. Interest is paid yearly, and you can apply online at www.tescobank.com.


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