Best food franchises in the UK

Franchising is a great way of getting into business because the marketing and selling you have to do to establish a firm is already in place. You’re guaranteed an area where rivals from the franchise won’t be operating and you know that you’ll make money. So who offers the best food franchises in the UK?
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Let’s start with the one everyone’s aware of – McDonald’s. You’ll need to invest at least £85,000 to get started with the American fast food chain. This will give you one of the 1,200 outlets McDonald’s has in the UK. To become franchised with McDonald’s you’ll need to hand over £5,000 for training, which is refundable if you’re successful. And there’s no guarantee of success.

Papa John’s

If Pizza is more your thing, why not invest in a Papa John’s franchise? You’ll need £70,000 to get a slice of the action, and you’ll be adding to the 280 restaurants across the UK. There’s a four week training programme to undertake which is classroom and internet based. You’ll need to sign up to a 10 year agreement, if you’re a successful applicant, and the recommendation is that you have between £170,000 and £225,000 available in funding to make this a successful venture.

Bake and Take

If you’re more interested in opening a bakery, why not consider opening a new Bake and Take franchise? The minimum investment of £75,000 will make you part of the German firm who operate 300 stores across their homeland, Austria, the UK, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Mmm Coffee

You’ll need £25,000 to get your hands on an Mmm Coffee franchise. The firm’s business model doesn’t include conventional retail outlets which is why the entry price is low compared to the other franchises looked at here. Instead of a high street store, you’ll be getting a “specially modified vehicles, which combined with our marquees, serve as our bases at the various events we cater to,” according to the firm’s website. The deal is for five years but it’s renewable if you make a success of the business.

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