Best foreign money exchange rates

Holidays are expensive so getting a great foreign exchange deal can make your trip a little more affordable. You could just ask your bank for the money or you could shop around the web to find a great deal. The best foreign money exchange rates are often found where you’d least expect them so we’d recommend that you use a comparison site to work out who has the best deal.
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Comparison site

A site like money.co.uk will highlight the best possible deals at the time you need the money. These guys look at all of the major high street banks as well as the rates offered by supermarket lenders, travel money sites and obscure sites you’ve probably never heard of. A quick check will often bring up sites like postoffice.co.uk or thecurrencyclub.co.uk.

We Swap

This site’s definitely worth a look. If you head to weswap.com, you’ll find two options. You can get foreign currency at a competitive rate because the guys behind WeSwap have developed an innovative system which puts you in touch with travellers looking to offload the currency you’re looking to get your hands on. This way neither of you pay the fees that foreign exchange lender always put on. With these guys you can get a WeSwap Card which can carry up to 16 currencies at the same time. This Prepaid MasterCard is an ideal way of keeping your currencies in one place. There are no charges when you use it to pay for goods and services, or when you load it up with more cash.

Fair FX

You’ll also get great deals at fairfx.com. This London based firm only deal online so they can save you money on your exchange because they don’t need to pay for Travel Money bureaus and kiosks. They deliver the money to your home free of charge so you really are saving if you choose to convert your cash through them.

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