Best franchises under 100000 pounds

Becoming part of an established franchise is a great way of guaranteeing a successful business. It’s not without its challenges but most of the issues that start-up businesses face like getting themselves recognised in the marketplace and creating relationships with key suppliers is done for you. The best franchises under 100000 pounds in the UK follow.


With £100,000 in your pocket you have the pick of franchises including some of the high street’s most popular brands. If you’re considering opening up a fast food restaurant, you could choose to work with McDonalds. The start-up costs for a franchise with one of the world’s best known brands is £85,000 but the guys at McDonalds consider that a minimum investment. Joining those guys will put you among a group of 1,200 UK-based restaurants. Your money goes into training (approximately £5,000), and the franchise set-up costs (at least £85,000 but more likely between £125,000 and £325,000). You’ll need to provide 25% of the franchise costs from funds that are not borrowed. The remainder can be borrowed money.


You can also join the number one global sandwich franchise with a £100,000 stake. Well, the minimum investment is actually £101,500 so you’ll need a little extra. Joining Subway could be a better choice for the future because this is a growing brand.

Plan Ahead Events

If you’re not interested in setting up a fast food restaurant, your £100k could get you into events management with Plan Ahead Events. These guys create solutions for meetings and conventions, trade shows and special event programmes. A franchise with these guys will provide you with the links you’ll need to establish yourself in the industry.

Anytime Fitness

Okay, so you’ll need £110k to get into bed with these guys but the chance to join the world’s top gym franchise is worth the additional 10% investment. This is a brand represented by 2,900 Anytime Fitness clubs with a total of 2.5 million members across 23 countries.

Final word

If you’re interested in other franchise ideas, why not head to franchisedirect.co.uk.

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