The 3 Best Performing Global Brands in 2013

With the current rates of taxation on cash in savings accounts not at all appealing, investing your money suddenly seems a whole lot more attractive. If you are interested in investing in a sure thing then we have analysed the 3 best performing global brands in 2013 and see what the short term future holds for these companies.

Shake Up in the Top 3

When it comes to the 3 best global brands for 2013 it will not surprise any of you which companies set the standard as they have been performing at a world class level for quite some time at this stage. Lets take a look at their performances and major contributing factors to their successes in 2013.

At number 3, Coca Cola had a growth rate of 2% in 2013 bringing their net worth to just under $80 trillion. This 2% is impressive when looked at in the context of the soft drinks industry as a whole. That, in 2013, Coca Cola remains in the top 3 global brands is the ultimate testament to its enduring quality. Contributing in no small part to the firms growth in 2013 was the Share a Coke campaign that saw bottles and cans carrying personalised names on each coke. Coca Cola continues to buck the declining soft drinks trend so expect some more growth in 2014 at the very least.

Google leap-frogged Coca Cola into second place with phenomenal growth of a whopping 34%. It comes as no surprise that a big part of this huge growth can be attributed to the Android mobile operating system with handheld devices running Android now outselling those running iOS and Windows together at a rate of 2 to 1. The future certainly looks rosy for Google as the mobile and tablet markets looks set to increase even further in the coming years. Couple this with huge growth in online advertising revenue and Google is as close to a sure bet as you could ever get.

Creme de la Creme

In at number 1 in the 3 best global brands of 2013 and also leap-frogging last years number 1 Coca Cola is, as expected, Apple which experienced growth at an impressive rate of 28%. Recent announcements, which include the iPhone 5s and 5c, all new Macbook Pros at more competitive prices, the iPad Air as well as a supercharged iPad Mini and the OS X Mavericks Operating System, will all ensure that Apple continues its meteoric growth rate throughout 2014.

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