Best Insurance Companies for Young UK Drivers

Young drivers are considered a higher risk than older drivers because they don't have experience on the road. This really leaves you in a bit of a catch; how can you possibly gain driving experience if no one will insure you? You'll have to pay the premiums and wait a few years until you're considered a "normal" driver, realistically. Luckily, a few companies are aware of this and can offer you a cheaper deal even if you're a young driver. Here's a list of the best insurance companies for young drivers and the best policies by other companies:


Endsleigh (http://www.endsleigh.co.uk/Motor/Pages/young-driver-insurance.aspx)

Endsleigh offers a range of insurance policies from car to landlord insurance. They offer a great package for young drivers, allowing new drivers to start claiming bonus points from the day they insure. Insurance can also be bought on a short term basis (even in another country) and third party fire/theft insurance can also be bought on the scheme. Endseligh is the only insurer recommended by the NUS at the moment, which earns them top place on the list of best insurance companies for young drivers.


Badboy Insurance (http://www.badboyinsurance.co.uk/)

Badboy insurance normally specialises in insuring convicted drivers but they also offer cheap insurance for young drivers. They take on higher risk drivers than other companies and offer competitive rates, policies, additional insurance products and individual policies matched to individual needs.


Bell Insurance (http://www.bell.co.uk)

Bell Insurance doesn't specifically offer insurance for young drivers but it does offer competitive quotes for anyone with a low claims bonus, or no bonus at all. They also offer van insurance, motorbike insurance and insurance for other purposes (i.e., travel and home insurance).


Quinn Direct (http://www.quinn-direct.co.uk/)

Quinn Direct is a specialist car insurance offer great rates for young drivers, new drivers or student drivers. Their young driver policies are designed for new drivers with no bonus points or newly qualified drivers, with discounts for student drivers and drivers who have recently passed the Pass Plus course.

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