Best International Money Transfer

The best international money transfer companies offer quick, reliable transaction with a great deal on exchange rate and a large number of potential countries to send to. Some are free of charge although some companies may charge a small fee for their services, particularly if you transfer is in a hard to reach country or outside the EU.


First on the list of our best international money transfer companies is HiFx. Transfer cost £9 each, but are available worldwide. The minimum transfer is £50 and an unlimited amount can be sent anywhere; if you transfer for over £3,000, your transfer will be free. Added to that, transfers are same day anywhere in the world. You can transfer with HiFx by visiting their site at HiFx.co.uk.


MoneyCrop allows free transfers but requires a minimum of £250 per transaction (no maximum limit). Money transfer are free and can be sent to Europe, the USA and the rest of the world; transfer are also same day and the company is highly rated amongst customers and the Financial Service Authority, providing transfers for over 30 years. Visit MoneyCrop.com to transfer with them.


Another same-day transfer company with a £1 per transaction charge. There's no minimum transfer but a maximum of £1,000,000 exists; transfer can be made worldwide and exchange rates and linked to interbank rates to give you the best deal for your money. You can transfer money with TransferWise at TransferWise.com; their service is secure and trusted, run and built by the same programmes as Skype and Paypal.


Our final best international money transfer company is TorFX, FCA registered and regulated to provide the best service. Transfer are free and same day with a minimum of £500 and no maximum limit on transfer; like all other companies in the list, TorFX transfer worldwide, but they also provide the best exchange rate in average. To use their service, visit TorFX.com.

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