Best Investment Saving Accounts

The best investment saving accounts are key to making your money work for you. There's not much point working hard to save up extra cash if you're going to end up with a poor return, so it's essential to find the best rate on the market. But rates aren't the only thing you need to consider; the right type of account could be essential for your saving needs, or an account with tonnes of extra features might be just what you need. With so many options available you need to make sure you check out the all possible options before making a decision.


What Factors Will Affect the Account I Need?

Pretty much everything will influence the kind of saving account you need. It's important to select the right kind of account for your money, so make sure you consider how much you want to save, how often you want to put money into the account, how often you'd like to withdraw money and what kind of return you expect. In most cases, an account with easy access will have a lower interest rate than an account that allows limited annual withdrawals.


Does the Method of Interest Payment Matter?

You'll find that most accounts with the best features - such as easy access - pay monthly and offer a lower interest rate. Generally speaking, accounts that offer an annual interest rate offer higher return but, of course, less access to your money. This is why it's a good idea to decide exactly what the account is for before opening one, as every little detail (from interest rate paid to the provider you go to) will influence how your savings work for you.


Who Are the Top Providers?

Easy Access Accounts: Santander eSaver (3.10% Interest), Ing Direct (3.10% Interest), the West Brom (3.06% Interest) and Leeds Building Society Access Online Issue 5 (3.05% Interest).

Cash ISAs: Northern Rock Fixed Rate eISA (3.80% Interest) and the West Brom Websave ISA (3.05% Interest).

Fixed Rate Bonds: Cahoot 2 Year Fixed Rate (4.01% Interest), Bank of Ireland UK Web-bond (4.00% Interest) and Britannia 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond (3.40% Interest).

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