The best investment opportunities for people who are not millionaires

Millionaires have it easy. They do not need to look for the safest or the best investment opportunities because they can afford to lose a bit of money here and there. Then again, they did not become millionaires for nothing. If you are hoping to grow your savings with your investment, here are some choices for you to consider.


At What Investment, you get to enjoy lots of free reports regarding investment and saving choices. Aside from learning the top tricks and tips to get the most of your banking transactions and savings accounts, the website also offers helpful guides, as well as investment products for funds, securities and pensions.

For each type of investment product, you are basically given the choice to manage your funds on your own, have an investment manager take care of it or just get advice from a professional whenever necessary.

The website also has a compare-and-buy section where you can choose among products like ISA transfers, fixed rate, funds and investment trusts, and investing for income. An example of the last would be Meteor’s FTSE income deposit plan, which is fixed at a 6-year period, protected capital that must amount to 10,000 GBP at a minimum and annual income available at 7.5%.


This is the place to look for the best investment opportunities if, on the other hand, you are hoping to put your money in real estate. That is a good choice since land is the only type of asset that never depreciates in value. Properties available here as investments may be new or already operating. An example of the latter is a Manchester-based three-bed apartment block that is already tenanted. It is available at a starting price of 163,750 GBP.

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