Important Information About the Best Investment Rates

If you are looking for a way to invest your money while keeping the environment in mind it is possible to do both. Investing in plantations is becoming more and more popular, with some of the best investment rates being in timber plantations. Because consumption of more eco-friendly materials has vastly increased, it is beginning to pay dividends to those who were perceptive enough to invest early.

Tropical timber plantations are becoming increasingly more popular with investors and because the prices of tropical timber are not linked to the stock market, investment returns have been consistently stable. According to popular investment calculator the Melina, if you invest £18,000 now you can expect to see returns of over £800,000 in 24-years if rates were to remain the same. A 12-year forecast sees returns of over £100,000 for the same investment. It is no wonder then that tropical timber plantations are currently touted as having the best investment rates.

Another timber-related green investment is tree timber, which is currently seeing investments triple in the first five years. With the minimum investment being somewhere around £5,000, this not only gives you an investment in whichever tree plantation you have chosen but full title rates too. Having title rights mean you can also say how and when the trees are cropped, an important decision in eco-friendly times. Tree timber has consistently outperformed the price of gold and even oil in the last fifty years. Because tree timber is just increasing in popularity, it is currently experiencing one of the best investment rates ever seen.

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