The Best Money Investments in 2013

There are many companies that you can choose to invest money in but not all of them will give you an acceptable return on your investment for the amount of risk you are taking. We will share some of the best money investments in 2013 with you to help get a better return on your money.

Soft Drinks and Technology

Soft drinks are seemingly always popular and so PepsiCo is the first of our best money investments tips in 2013. Coca Cola has been around forever and continues to perform admirably but Coca Cola has nowhere the amount of growth that Pepsi is experiencing currently.

So if you are looking to invest a lot of money for a short term return PepsiCo represents a better bet in terms of return than Coca Cola. However, if you are in it for the long haul and want to invest your money for the forseeable future then Coca Cola is the way to go as it steadily plods along and maintains its incredible popularity.

Google remains a company that is slowly working its way to online dominance. New projects alone such as Google Glass, Hangouts and QuickOffice should see Google maintain stunning growth for the coming 3-5 years but when you add in the fact that Android devices are selling off the shelves, you are going to be backing as sure of a horse as you will ever find.

However, Android has also opened the door to startups that can perform things Google traditionally handled in a better and more specialised way. Yelp is one of these companies that are able to give you much more in depth information regarding local eateries and pubs as well as reviews and pricing all in one app. This makes Yelp a smart investment in 2013 and 2014 as it gains even more popularity.

Caveat Emptor

As always, please take our suggestions for the best money investments in 2013 as just that - suggestions! Study the information on each company out there in detail to ensure that you will be investing your hard earned money in a company or product that you are sure will do well for you.

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