Best money transfer to India

Transferring cash from the UK to India leads you into a minefield of SWIFT and IBAN codes. You often need to get advice from your bank if you’re receiving or sending cash abroad because any mistakes you make in the transfer will take far longer to unravel with international banks than they would in the UK. The best money transfer to India and the rest of the world is done through money transfer services.
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The first service we’ve looked at is HiFX. These guys come highly recommended and you’ll find them referred to in more online reviews than any other service of this type. If you’re planning on sending large transfers, you’ll have your own dedicated dealer given to you who will look into your individual requirements. For the majority of us though who want to transfer smaller amounts of cash the site offers an online banking service that’s incredibly secure. The minimum transfer amount of £50 is far better than most sites. Notifications by email and text keep you up to date and the site’s antifraud safeguards are the best currently available.

Halo Finances

These guys are known for outstanding customer service, expertise and competitive exchange rates. The minimum amount you can transfer with this site is £250 and they have no online banking service which means they’re not as convenient as rival firms. Their telephone service though is excellent and same day transfers add a little convenience to their service.

Global Reach Partners

If you’re looking for a money transfer site for your business, these are the guys to go with. Their exchange rates are always fluctuating as they take the very latest, up-to-the-minute numbers. They’ll contact you when the exchange rate is most favourable too.

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