The Best Mortgage Lenders in the UK

Virtually every financial institution on the high-street offers borrowers the chance to buy their mortgage from them. Fixed rate, variable rate and tracker mortgages are all available, but if you do not know what you’re doing you could end paying significantly more than you need too for your mortgage. The best mortgage lenders in the UK are a collection of mortgage lenders who offer great deals for both new and old customers when it comes to buying their home.

The Yorkshire Building Society has one of the most competitive mortgage deals on the high-street. Their flexible fixed rate mortgage requires a 25% deposit, and customers enjoy the low interest rate of 2.59% APR for two years when it increases to a still competitive 4.99% APR.

HSBC bank is another financial institution offering an attractive mortgage package. With a 40% mortgage deposit down, you can enjoy a fixed rate of 2.59% for the full term of your mortgage. Terms and conditions do apply and it does depend on each individual's financial situation on application.

Santander, formerly Abbey National, offer a competitive 3-year fixed rate of 2.89% APR. This rises after this period to 4.24% APR, which is still one of the lowest interest rates on the high-street. Santander has a dedicated mortgage advisory team who can literally walk you through your entire application.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the few banks who offer a mortgage with only a 10% deposit down. Despite the strict criteria, the interest rate is still an affordable 5.39% APR, with the potential to drop after two years to a more manageable 4.0% APR.

Each one of the best mortgage lenders in the UK offers free advice to potential buyers. Most also offer special rates, offers and packages to those who are considering a remortgage or for first-time-buyers.

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