Best paid mayors in the UK

What does being mayor actually mean in this country? Well for starters, it means a massive salary is coming your way. Before we take a look at the best paid mayors in the UK, let’s actually work out what they do for us.
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Elected mayors

Directly elected mayors have been part of the country since 2000. In that year the Mayor of London was elected. Since that time the list of mayors has grown to 17 with places like Bristol, Leicester, Watfordand Liverpool having directly elected mayors. These guys have a number of powers that used to be held by committees. This change in the long established order of things at local council level is supposed to speed up the decision making process, give the residents of a town or city someone who’s accountable to them and lend the place a figure head who can be used to help market and promote the area.

Mayor of London

It goes without saying that the Mayor of London earns the most money. This guy takes home £143,911 for his work. He performs his duties along with the London Assembly of 25 members and is accountable to the strategic government of Greater London. Boris Johnson has held this post since May 2008. Along with the £143,911 he takes from Londoners, this guy also has annual earnings amounting to a further £300,000 for “second jobs”.

Other mayors

The current Mayor of Liverpool by comparison only takes £80,000 for his work. The Mayor of Bristol is on £65,738 per year, and Mayor of Watford takes £65,000 plus pension and allowance add-ons. The £65,000 appears to be the base salary for the role. Not bad if you’re dealing with one of the smaller boroughs that currently has a mayor.

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