Best personal finance apps

Keeping track of your money is difficult thanks to direct debits, standing orders and debit card transactions that don’t automatically show on your online bank account. The best personal finance apps allow you to budget your money so that you can cover your bills and avoid embarrassment when your card’s declined.
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What If

According to the British Bankers Association, UK account holders make 5.7 million financial transactions a day. If you need an app for calculating the cost of a loan, one of the best ones on offer is What If? You might have come across this under its original name of carloans4u and passed it by, but it’s a great app for any type of loan. The best thing about this App is the options field which allows you to work out things like the actual cost of the loan if you make payments over and above the agreed monthly amount.

Mortgage Mentor

Your mortgage is normally the highest loan amount you’ll ever borrow in your life, although the repayment costs per month are sometimes lower than a car loan. The Mortgage Mentor app is a great way of finding the best current deals on the market if you’re looking to renew your current mortgage. This app will quickly calculate what you’ll need to pay off each month and it allows you to add in the fees the lender will tie in with the mortgage so you can see the real cost of the loan.


If you’re a regular user of PayPal, you really should download the app. This is the quickest and safest way of keeping your PayPal cash at your fingertips. You can of course check your balances and transactions through this app and make payments through Email.

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