The best places to retire abroad in 2014

Retirement may still be a far-fetched idea now, but it’s a good plan to shortlist places where you can spend the rest of your days in a truly relaxed way. We name some of the best places to retire abroad in 2014 and tell you why we think they will make great nesting places.

Factors to consider

There are many aspects to consider when narrowing down your choices of the best places to retire overseas in 2014. Amongst these factors include economic and political stability, access to good medical care, housing conditions and the overall value of your money. Do you want to live in a city or retire to an island or in the countryside? Depending on how you feel, you might also want to just stay put where you are and go on holidays abroad.

Here are some of the best places to retire in the world:

  • Europe

Spain tops the list in Europe as the best place to retire with low property prices, plenty of sunshine, favourable climate, great food, friendly locals and many attractions. In addition, you are never far from home if you need to pop in and say hello to the family. Portugal, Malta and Greece are also other countries you might want to consider.

  • Asia

In Asia, Thailand and Malaysia are definitely hot places at the moment. Thailand is home to some 41,000 expats enjoying its warm weather, fantastic cuisine and friendly people. The cost of buying property is reasonable and the value of the sterling pound could go a long way. Malaysia, on the other hand, is the touted as the best place to retire in Southeast Asia. Pristine beaches, warm sunshine, reasonable property prices and good medical facilities are the reasons expats are attracted to settle in the country.

South, Central America and the Caribbean

Ecuador tops the list as the best place to retire in South America. The country has a great climate, rent costs are affordable and the scenery is magnificent. If you’re thinking of the Caribbean, Barbados and Jamaica are some of the best places to retire abroad in 2014. Barbados has lots of sunshine and beautiful beaches. Property is still affordable and the health care system works. It’s no wonder more than 27,000 Brits are living on the island. Jamaica is also worth a second look. It has magnificent beaches, nice climate, and reasonable living costs. The only drawback is the rising rate of crime in the country.

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