The best real estate agencies London

If you are considering buying or renting property in London, it can be a headache to know where to ask for help. While it is true there are enough real estate agencies that are in the business, it can be a nightmare to decide which ones can meet your expectations. We name the best real estate agencies in London so you'll know where to go.

How to choose your real estate agent

Your choice of the best real estate agencies in London depends on several factors:

  • Customer service

A real estate agency with a wonderful customer service staff is sure to attract your attention. Inquiries whether online or offline are dealt with promptly and you don’t have to wait for a long time before someone gets back to you with the information you need, however, trivial.

  • Website

Clearly, a real estate agency with an online presence helps in attracting visitors. For anyone who is searching for property to buy or let, the first thing that will be done is to do an online search. However, a website that is intuitive and functional will attract property seekers more than a site with no appealing home page and which is difficult to navigate.

  • Experience

You will want to choose a realtor that has many years of experience in the business. Also, an agency with a lot of listed properties gives you a bigger chance of finding what you want or need.

Recommended real estate agencies

  • Foxtons (foxtons.co.uk)

The website of Foxtons is simply incredible with many useful links and search functions. It lets you look at properties using many options. It’s this attention to detail that makes it awesome for users. Maybe, one day potential buyers and renters need not visit the property but could instead buy everything virtually.

  • Haus Properties (hausproperties.co.uk)

Haus promises a unique experience to clients with their proactive experts. Free valuation is offered.

  • Unique (uniquepropertycompany.co.uk)

Unique boasts of selling properties in all the boroughs of London. Hence, whether you intend to rent or sell a property, you stand a good chance of getting what you want.

Other tips

To find the best real estate agencies in London, make use of websites such as Prime Location (primelocation.com) or Right Move (rightmove.com) to see which agencies or agents are active in your area. You can also invite agents to your homes to see your property and offer higher incentives (standard fee is 2.5%) if the property sells within a month. Make sure you have an opt out clause if your property does not rent or sell out in a specific period of time.

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