Best shares 2014 for UK companies

UK investors are putting their money into British firms as the financial climate in the US remains uncertain. The best shares for 2014 for UK investors are therefore in some of the nation’s biggest and best known firms. We’ll tell you which ones are worth a look.
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UK stocks

The biggest driver for UK stock is the revival of emerging markets, although stabilisation in the Eurozone and improvements in the US are also playing their part. UK firms with significant global operations are therefore making the biggest gains so you won’t be surprised to read that those we recommend are all major international players.


Is there a biggest British brand name that Rolls-Royce? Investors aren’t putting their money in because of the name though, they’re seeing returns on their investment as the firm are at the forefront of the move to find alternative energy sources and their stock will also benefit from improvements in the transport marketplace which they are involved with through engine manufacture.


Over 2 billion people around the world use products manufactured by Unilever in their day to day lives. Consumer brands like PG Tips, Marmite and Dove are all part of the firm’s portfolio so this is a group with a diverse collection of brands that gives it an unrivalled presence in the market. More than half of the group’s sales are from parts of the world which are expected to experience strong growth in the short to medium term so this is a fairly safe bet for investment.

InterContinental Hotels

The group own, manage or franchise more than 3,500 hotels that offer a combined 535,000 rooms in 100 countries. They own brands like Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn and they’re in one of the world’s most sustainable marketplaces. Low capital intensity and high returns make InterContinental Hotels a great investment opportunity.

Berkeley Group

The housing market is beginning to pick up so the Berkeley Group should be one to add to your portfolio. The government’s incentives for first time owners like Help to Buy are helping the market to recover and drive demand. The Berkeley Group has ambitious plans for the future and is known to look after its investors so their one to check out.

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