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Although students have all the time in the world, they normally have no money to spend. Making the most of your maintenance grant or your student loan from the government is one thing but that soon runs out and you’ll need another source of income. A part-time job makes the most sense because you can change some of that free time into money. We’ll tell you which bank offers the best student account at the moment as you’ll need somewhere to put your earnings.
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Student account

Even if you’ve got a bank account already, get a student one as there are a host of benefits. Check out your current banks student account offers against the terms offered with your current account and you’ll quickly see how important a student bank account is. You’ll get a lower rate of interest on an overdraft and you’ll also get other benefits.


The 123 Student Current Account offers anyone who pays at least £500 per term a four-year Railcard. This normally costs £120 and it give a third off rail fares so it’s a bonus worth having. There’s an “up to £1,500” overdraft offered with this account, the exact amount of it depends on your financial circumstances.


The Co-operative bank may not be the biggest but they’re offering a 0% overdraft that could be up to £2,000. The firm’s latest stats show that 90% of their customers get this rate so they can enjoy a 0% overdraft that’s worth £1,400 in the first year, £1,700 in year two and £2,000 in the third year.


The maximum interest-free overdraft is also a major selling point of the HSBC student account. The advertised maximum of £3,000 sounds great but in reality most applicants get £1,000. There are sometimes Amazon vouchers worth anything up to £60 on offer to anyone who opens an account and other offers are made to entice poor students into walking into one of the firm’s branches.

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