Looking for the best student bank accounts?

If you’re going to start university this autumn, you’ll need a student bank account to help manage your money while you’re studying.

These accounts often come stacked with tempting freebies, but try to look past the introductory offers into the longer term to see which ones are among the best student accounts for your needs – for instance, what size overdraft is available.

Here are three of the best student bank accounts we came across.

The Co-operative student account offers a £1,400 interest free overdraft in the first year of your studies, rising to £1,700 in year two and to £2,000 in your third year. To be considered for the overdraft, you have to pay in £300 when you open the account. If, however, you keep your account in credit, it will pay interest at a rate of 0.1 per cent AER.

HSBC offers an initial guaranteed interest free overdraft of £500 but, subject to terms and conditions, students could get up to £3,000 in total. The account pays two per cent if you are in credit. First year students will also receive two years’ free Worldwide Travel Insurance including winter sports.

NatWest student accounts have a guaranteed interest free overdraft of £500 in the first term, which rises to £750 for the second term and to £1,000 in the third term. The total limit is £1,250 during the second year and £1,500 in the third year. If you have had a current account with the bank since June 2011 or before, you will also qualify for a free, five year 16-25 Railcard, which offers up to a third off the cost of train tickets.

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