The best student bank accounts

Every year there are thousands of students nervously anticipating their exam results and decisions from universities as to whether they will be attending in September. Finding the best student bank accounts to use is just one of the many worries of a student who is about to enter higher education, but it is something that is well worth giving a bit of thought to.

Taking control of your own finances can be daunting, but student bank accounts have been specifically designed to help people get themselves through the higher education system. The best bank accounts for students offer a wide variety of benefits and a lot even offer free products or discounts to encourage students to bank with them.

To help manage student finances, several banks have created accounts which are specifically tailored to a student's needs. This does not tend to be the advantage that pulls many students into choosing their student account though - it is all about the overdraft which is interest free and the number of freebies that come with the opening of the account!

An overdraft that is interest free is something that a lot of students specifically look for.. For some, it will give them that bit extra to party their way through the first year. For others who are more practical, it will provide a useful back-up if things go wrong or extra money is needed for trips away, accommodation or unexpected fees.

Other benefits offered by the best student accounts are free railcards that will cut down travel costs, discounts on laptops. travel insurance and discount cards for use in high street shops.

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