Where to get the best student loans without a cosigner 2013 / 2014

Finding the best student loans without a cosigner for 2013 and 2014 is not easy as there are very few if any options out there for this type of loan. That's hardly surprising given the economic state of the country so where else can students go for loans that don't require a cosigner?

Short term loans

Websites like MiniCredit.co.uk and amigoloans.co.uk and mypayday.co.uk are options for short term loans but getting this type of loan could lead to financial problems, and unless you have an income you're unlikely to be accepted. Most major banks will only lend to people with credit history and those with a means of repaying the loan. Getting a cosigner who will be committed to covering the debt should you miss a repayment can get you a loan but the best student loans without a cosigner for 2013 and 2014 are found at the Student Loans Company.

Student Loans Company

Visiting gov.uk/student-finance will give you a good overview of the process but the basics are that there are three types of loans available to full-time students. The tuition fees loan is one that needs to be paid back when you leave the course. The maintenance loan also needs repaying when you leave, while the maintenance grant is not payable unless you leave the course early. Although a parent or partner's income is accessed as part of the loan application process, the loan is the liability of the student so there are no cosigners with student loans.

Final word

Getting any student loan without a cosigner let alone finding the best student loans without cosigner for 2013 and 2014, is nearly impossible given the state of the economy. Lending through the Student Loan Company and taking out a student bank account with a 0% overdraft facility are the best ways of getting additional funds while you study.

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