Best ways to save on your young driver insurance

As young drivers lack experience on the roads, insurance companies penalise them heavily with extremely high premiums. However, getting reasonably priced young driver’s insurance is not an impossible thing to do. If you’re a young driver who needs car insurance, you should follow these tips that will reduce your premiums.

The first thing to do is to drive carefully. A perfect track record in the previous year will get you a no claims bonus discount and you will thus save money on your premium. Next, you should try to reduce the risk factors by taking some certificates, such as Pass Plus, and add safety features to your car. These may include airbags, alarms, immobilisers and anti-lock braking systems. Another way to reduce the premium costs is choosing a less powerful car, preferably an older one, as they are considered less risky.

For saving even more money, you should always compare offers from a variety of providers before purchasing your insurance. There are numerous websites where you can compare premiums from all the important insurance providers. For example, quotelinedirect.co.uk offers policies from more than 30 leading insurance companies in the UK. If you’re not sure about what to you choose, you can also get some help from one of their insurance advisers. Endsleigh (endsleigh.co.uk) offers cheap young driver’s insurance and they also offer a Student Bonus Accelerator.

Other websites where you can compare young driver’s premiums are 4youngdrivers.co.uk, onlyyoungdrivers.co.uk and youngmarmalade.co.uk.

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