Better the devil you know

Now, I’m no gambling man, but I know that next Saturday a very important and famous event at which several horsies go around and round a track is set to take place.

It’s grand, and it’s truly national – do you know which event I’m referring to? Yes, the Grand National! Next Saturday at Aintree, one of the most famous sporting events takes place, and as always, gamblers will be out in force!

Which gives all the more reason to be on your toes, and to watch out for betting scams. Fake online betting sites are unfortunately becoming increasingly commonplace. Fraudsters can make sites appear just like the real thing, and they could end robbing you of more than just your winnings – they are often home to credit card and even identity theft fraudsters.

Peter Wood at knowthenet, believes online betting sites could make a killing during the run-up to popular sporting events like the Grand National.

‘Most Grand National bets are one offs, with people who do not usually gamble having a flutter on their favourite horse,’ he said. ‘These sites are set up in the belief that most of these people won't have undertaken much research before placing a bet. They look like legitimate and well known betting sites, but they are fake and will not pay out if your horse does come in. In the worst case scenario, you could also become a victim of identity theft as a result of placing a bet by card on a site of this kind.’

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