Beware the bogus home working scams

Earning from the comfort of your sofa sounds an attractive propostition, but many of the tempting adverts out there tempting you to ditch the day job are hoaxes.

Many of these ‘opportunites’ to earn thousands of pound a year involve processing fees that you may never see again. A recent report into working from home adverts from consumer watchdog Which? found that few the adverts offer the chance to earn anything like what it states. And many involve upfront fees as well.

One such offer required a payment of £17 for a guide to creating iPhone applications, when the same guide can be acquired for £9 from Amazon.

So Which? and this column suggests that you do your research before ditching your office job to take up a position in front of your sofa. And if you see an advert that you think is misleading you can contact Consumer Direct or the Advertising Standards Authority and make an official complaint about it.

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