On the lookout for cheap bike insurance?

Are you living in Ireland and dreaming of taking to the open roads on your own bike? This can be a cost effective way of getting around, as a bike doesn't cost as much as a car, and the petrol costs are lower. You will still need a bike insurance policy, and in this blog we aim to help you out with that, as we point you towards a provider in Ireland currently offering the best price on bike insurance. So lets check them out!

While you likely won't face the same outlandish quotes for bike cover as you would for car insurance, it can still cost quite a bit to get your bike insured. There are a couple of different companies offering Bike Insurance in Ireland right now, but for us, the absolute best deals can be found with Quinn Direct, and you can check out their bike insurance section at http://www.quinn-direct.com/ireland/motorcycle/.

Quinn Direct offer a wide variety of different bike insurance options. You can have your choice of Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive. In our view, with Motorbike Cover, you're just as well going for Third Party, Fire and Theft over Comprehensive as it will lead to significant savings.

Anyone who signs up for a Quinn Direct bike insurance policy can expect to receive a number of brilliant perks. These include Competitive Pricing, Easy Monthly Payment Plans, Generous No Claim Discount, Access to a 24 hour claim helpline, Riding qualification discounts, No Claims discount protection, Optional Legal Cover and Free Breakdown cover.

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