Bike insurance groups and your insurance policy

Like cars, motorcycles are classified into bike insurance groups based on engine capacity, performance and value. However, unlike Association of British Insurers (ABI), car insurance groups which are accepted throughout the British insurance industry, a much more informal approach has been taken towards motorcycles.

Motorcycle insurance groups usually range from Group 3 to Group 17 as a general guideline. The low powered motorcycles are generally grouped 3-6 (125cc). Then the 250cc motorcycles are grouped from groups 5-10, with the higher powered engines grouped from 10-17.

The insurance companies all operate on a different grouping basis, so it is important to shop around when looking for a quote for insurance. However, as a general guideline a full list of motorcycle insurance groupings can be found on the internet. These sites illustrate all the different bike models and the different groupings it should come under in relation to your insurance premium.

However, it must be noted that motorcycle insurance groups are not the only factor the insurance company takes into consideration, when determining the cost of your premium. There are other factors involved such as the age of the rider, the amount of mileage done, the security of the bike and other considerations are taken into account.

If you are an 18 year old who has just completed his test it is probably not a good idea in relation to your premium, to buy a 7000c Ducati or a Honda Fireblade. Always check you grouping before buying a bike and shop around for your policy, as the motorcycle groupings may vary between different insurance companies.


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