The ins and outs of bike insurance in ireland

If you're starting to get sick of sitting in traffic jams on your daily commute to work, then have you considered cycling or taking a motorbike to work? Now that the sun has started to shine, it's the perfect time to take the plunge, but there are also some safety considerations to think of!

The reason a lot of people give for not cycling regularly is the fact that it can be quite dangerous. Motorists sometimes forget how fragile cyclists can be, so it's of utmost importance to keep yourself protected in case of an accident. That's where bike insurance in ireland comes in.

If you're looking at the bicycle end of things, then we suggest taking a gander at www.cyclesure.ie. This company is Ireland's only dedicated cycle insurance provider, and their level of cover is outstanding. You'll be protected from Bike Theft, Accidental Damage, Personal Accident, Public Liability, Race Cover and even Family Cover.

If pedals aren't for you, and you're thinking of getting a motorbike, then you'll be even more covered with plenty of insurance companies offering motorbike insurance. Just don't forget your helmet.

For this type of insurance we recommend checking out one of Ireland's biggest insurers, Quinn Direct. They offer a specialised motorbike policy with a highly competitive quote. Their policies include 24-hour roadside breakdown cover, aswell as a generous no-claims discount and easy monthly payment plan.

So, if you're looking to get from A to B quicker, getting insured on two wheels in Ireland is easy!

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