Where to find a great value bike insurance Ireland quote

If you're considering dumping your car and hitting road on two wheels, then you've probably been doing your homework on which bike you want to get. This isn't the only consideration you'll face though, there's also the small matter of getting a bike insurance Ireland quote. In this blog we'll be showing you the Bike Insurance provider in Ireland that's currently offering the best deal.

Not too many companies in Ireland currently offer comprehensive insurance for motorbike riders, but of the companies who do, Quinn Direct are currently offering the best all round packages on their site at quinn-direct.com/ireland/motorcycle, so let's have a look.

Quinn offer three levels of cover to motorbike customers. Third Party (Which covers you for legal responsibility to a third party), Third Party Fire and Theft, and finally, fully comprehensive motorbike insurance. All three policies are available online, where you can get a quote within minutes using their dedicated quote calculator. If this doesn't appeal to you, then you can call them directly on 1890 89 1890 to secure a quote over the phone.

Anyone taking out a motorbike policy with Quinn will get a huge number of brilliant perks. These include Competitive pricing, an easy monthly payment plan, Generous no claims discount, access to a 24 hr claims helpline, discounts for riding qualifications, No Claims Discount protection option, Optional Legal cover, and even Free Breakdown cover, which includes the Home Start option.

Check them out today for perhaps the best value on Motorbike Insurance in Ireland.

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