Blackberry Torch Insurance - Get the best deal

Insurance for the Blackberry Torch can only be purchased on the day that you activate the phone, in some cases, which is something you may need to consider before buying the phone.

Otherservice providers allow a period of up to 30 days in which the insurance may be purchased but after that timescale it is no longer available to the user.

The phoneinsurance.co.uk site shows all available insurance quotes from the main service providers such as Vodafone and O2. Vodafone offers insurance from 6.99 a month but O2 and Orange are priced from 6.00 a month.

Many sites such as protect your bubble (as seen on television advertisements) offer insurance for all personal gadgets and their prices start at 6.99 per month for a Blackberry torch and a pound per addtional gadget. Also you can make online enquiries via sites, such as blackberry mobile insurance and crackberry, to find out how much you can expect to pay. The blackberry mobile insurance site gives you an instant quote and you can purchase the insurance through them. Another site that offers  instant insurance cover is insure your gadgets.

Phone insurance typically covers you if your phone is stolen or damaged. Many phone insurance companies have strict criteria and you may be asked for proof to support the claim that you make.

Other issues covered under an insurance policy can be airtime abuse, which is the unauthorised usage of your phone in the event of it being stolen, international cover, your policy should have you covered for up to 60 days in a calendar year should your phone go missing abroad and the option of an extended warranty should the phone develop an electrical or mechanical fault outside of the manufacturers warranty period.

Should something occur, and you need your phone replaced, you will need to download a form from your insurance companies website. This form requires a signature from a member of the police force and this means you will have to declare the phone lost or stolen. You will also have to provide a detailed description of where, when and how the phone was misplaced or lost.

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