We take a look at what's on offer from Bluefin car insurance

If you're a lover of high performance or classic cars then you'll understand the pain of trying to get your vehicles insured. Due to the high risks traditionally associated with these types of vehicles by insurance companies, it seems that most of them are content to simply look for every penny they can bleed out of you rather than trying to offer a reasonable solution to the problem.

It's certainly not fair that your distinguished taste in cars should single you out for higher insurance premiums, given the fact that those who spend more money on their cars are likely to pay far more care and attention to the safe operation and storage of their pride and joy.

Just when it seemed like there weren't any insurance companies out there who could appreciate that fact, along came Bluefin. A part of French financial giants AXA's ever expanding portfolio, Bluefin claim to have taken everything we have mentioned above into consideration, leading to the formulation of a policy for lovers of high performance vehicles that they deem to be second to none.

Although this is something that most companies like to claim, with more than 65 offices across the UK employing 2,500 employees and the backing of AXA, it's fair to say that Bluefin have the financial clout to back up these lofty claims quite comfortably.

Bluefin car insurance offers customers specialist policies for high performance cars, classic cars, luxury cars as well as family fleet cover. As standard, customers will receive fully comprehensive cover for all required family members as standard, as well as coverage for any named drivers to drive other vehicles, coverage to drive in Europe with included cover for breakdowns while on the continent, a choice of repair location and a courtesy car should your own vehicle be out of commission for any period of time.

To get a quote, you can find the handy online quote form at www.bluefingroup.co.uk.

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