Where has Bluefish Loans gone to?

Bluefish Loans, registered numbers 4771931 and 557065 in England, are a financial group based in Essex who guarantee to charge absolutely no fees until you have confirmed receipt of their loan. However it would appear that their website has simply vanished from thin air, with the address www.bluefishloans.co.uk turning up nothing more than a site not found error.

A search for their parent company, The Finance Store, turns up slightly more information, thanks a functional (although still noticeably bare) website at www.thefinancestore.co.uk.

Also registered number 4771931 in England, and with a registered office address of Broom House, 39-43 London Road, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2QL, England, their website offers very little by way of information about the company, their products and services or their history.

The brief outline on their homepage claims that they seek to provide customers with a comprehensive processing and underwriting service for those who wish to borrow sums in the amount of £1,500 to £5,000 over a period of no more than fourty eight months.

No mention of rates, charges or fees is mentioned throughout the website, however the site does claim that they will consider applicants who have had no luck borrowing from other financial institutions, specifically mentioning customers who have been point blank refused loans everywhere else, have defaulted on previous loans or who have County Court Judgements hanging over them.

The fact that they have very little information regarding the specifics of their service is certainly curious, as one would imagine that there would be quite a large market for their services given the economic strife in the UK at the moment.

Even their contact page is sparse, listing only the address at The Finance Store, Finance House, 1074-1078 London Road, Leigh on Sea Essex, SS9 3NA, England, a contact telephone number of 01702 482 790, a fax number of 01702 719 727 and a solitary, unnamed contact email address of contactus@thefinancestore.co.uk.


No mention at all is made on the website of BlueFish Loans, nor the fact that it has the very same registered trading number within the UK as The Finance Store.

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