Stay warm with reassuring boiler insurance

After 2 consecutive harsh winters with temperatures heading into minus figures with worrying regularity, now might be the time to check your central heating system is reliable. For extra peace of mind, many householders are taking out boiler insurance policies, so that repairs don't come as an expensive shock.

Calling out an engineer to repair a boiler can typically cost anywhere between £33 an hour to £76 an hour.  Add in the cost of parts, and a repair can be a major expense. With an insurance policy at least you can budget for emergencies.

Home Serve (www.homeserve.com) offer a broad range of boiler insurance policies to cover most eventualities. Start off with a basic gas boiler breakdown cover, with premiums from £7.43 a month.

More comprehensive policies cover radiators and plumbing and an annual maintenance check, or you can combine your boiler insurance with a range of common household insurances including plumbing, pest infestation, roof and electrics, for a monthly premium of £25.63.

British Gas (www.britishgas.co.uk) offers a basic Home Care insurance package from  £13 a month, covering boiler repairs, an annual maintenance check and unlimited call-outs. A cheaper option is to pay premiums of £10.50 a month and cover the first £50 of any repair.

Their Homecare 200, 300 and 400 policies offer escalating levels of coverage, providing insurance for the full central heating system and electrical wiring, with unlimited call-outs and an annual service.

Deciding on which boiler insurance policy is best for you depends on a number of factors, notably the age and reliability of your boiler, whether you are confident about the condition of your electrical wiring, and your own household budget. Don't end up in a freezing home because of inaction.


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