Bolton Council Tax Benefit for Student

Generally, most students do not have to pay council tax. This normally applies to higher education students or anyone under the age of 18, but Bolton council tax reducation for students can be sketchy in some instances. The course you're on, the hours of the course or your income could affect the amount of council tax you pay.


Living with Non-Students

Bolton council tax for students is not applicable if all occupants of the household are students. However, you may be eligible to pay parts of a council tax bill if you live with non-students. The bill is not calculated per person (i.e., if three people live in a home the same amount of tax is paid for two people but the bill is split three way) so you may still have to pay part of the tax split across all occupants. Council tax may be reduced or discounted if the household includes a full-time student.


Course Hours

You must be attending a full-time higher education course to be eligible for council tax exemption. You must attend for 24 weeks per year and be studying for at least 21 hours per week during term time. If you're under 20 and doing a course to lead to your first level 2 qualification (with at least 12 hours of study per week) you will also be exempt.


Other Students

If you are doing a course in nursing, an apprenticeship recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (as long as they do not pay over £195 per week) or under 25 doing a full-time training course funded by the kills Funding Agency or the Young People's Learning Agency, you will receive a Bolton council tax student exemption.


How a Council Tax Bill is Calculated

The amount of council tax your household pays depend on the home's property band and how many adults are "counted" on the bill. There is no law specifying who is responsible for paying the bill but occupants are listed in "categories"; normally, you are only partly responsible for paying the bill if you are in one of the top categories. The categories (in order) for council tax responsibility are:

- Home owner (currently living in the property)

- Living in the property on lease

- Living in the property as a secure tenant

- Living in the property but is not a tenant and has permission to live there

- Living in the property without permission (i.e., squatter)

- Has a lease for the property but does not live there

- Owns the property but does not live there.

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