Book Grants for Students

If you're applying for university this year you should have already considered what you can get from your Student Finance application. But for most students, the full amount of maintenance loan and grant isn't enough money to cover all living costs, and cuts have to be made somewhere. After food and rent, course equipment probably comes last on the list.

If you're applying for the full amount and you know you're still going to fall short for your studies you could try applying for book grants, course cost grants, low income family grants and other funding incentives available from charitable organisations. Unless you're an adult learner doing your first Level 2 or Level 3 qualification, or have a child dependent, you won't be eligible for anything else from the government except your student loan.


Applying to Charitable Organisations

You must only apply to trusts and charitable organisations for book grants if you've exhausted all other means of finance - this means taking out the maximum student loan available to you and all other college bursaries. There are literally hundreds of organisations who are willing to help you fund your studies, so you're sure to find one who fits your bill.


Educational Grants Advisory Service

Because of the strict criteria involving most grants from charitable organisations and the confusing application process for some, the Educational Grants Advisory Service was created to give students a comprehensive list of organisations, application tips and funding incentives. Visit family-action.org.uk to find a list of potential organisations for book grants and other means of raising money.


Other Useful Publications

Below is a list of off-line publications (some may also be published online) which could have a list of organisations offering book grants you may have missed on an online database:

  • The Educational Grants Directory
  • Charities Digest
  • The Grants Register.

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