Boozers hopping mad

Given that in some places you could already be looking at £8 a pint, the news that everywhere in the UK by 2060 will charge such prices may not come as a surprise.

But that's what's going to happen. A study by BM Savings shows that the value of money has decreased so much that £5.57 in 1960 would give you the same bang for your buck today as £100.

If inflation rises 2% a year over the next 50 years we'll be looking at an average of £8 a pint by 2060 and no mistaking. And if inflation isn't closely monitored then it could be even more

While the news that the value of money keeps shrinking is good for those who have mortgages, savers as ever will have a hard time of it. Time then to take measures - stocks and shares or an inflation linked product - or else you could just hang on to what you've got and hope for the best.

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