What is Boris Johnson's net worth in 2021?

Boris Johnson needs no introduction, does he? He's the fella telling us to stay indoors. He's the one telling us to wash our hands and keep away from each other like an overbearing parent of hormonal teenage kids. He's the unelected leader of the nation who seems scared to push us into lockdown in case we don't vote for him next time. He's also a multi-millionaire. Exactly how much is he worth?

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Did you know?

Did you know that he wasn't born in the UK? Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born in New York, but he doesn't identify as an American. That's a shame for him. If he was, he could become President (come on, why not?). He was born on 19 June 1964 in the Upper East Side of Manhattan to wealthy English parents. Then he did lots of things that privileged folks do like going to Eton College and Oxford University, where he began using the name Boris in place of Alex and developed the eccentric Englishman routine he continues to hide behind to this day. He didn't spend his time at either institution well at all. Lecturers questioned his competence and seriousness. That's not the sort of feedback you'd expect for a future Prime Minister.


Through family connections, he received a converted graduate trainee position at The Times. He threw that away. It was easy come, easy go for the future PM who was fired for making up a quote that he attributed to his godfather, the historian Colin Lucas. After that, he fell on his feet and landed a job at the Daily Telegraph. He was well ahead of his time because he seems to have invented fake news during this period, as politician Chris Patten stated, Johnson was "one of the greatest exponents of fake journalism."

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Having made next to no money as a journalist, Johnson turned his hand to politics. He got into power by using his celebrity status gained during his time as editor of the Spectator, and as a regular guest on Have I Got News for You and other popular TV shows. He was seen as a breath of fresh air because he was so different from the politically correct politicians. His absent-minded eccentric routine allowed him to springboard from minor celeb to MP for the plum Tory seat of Henley. After that, he became Mayor of London on route to the top job. The Mayor of London job is only worth a few hundred thousand per year, so he didn't make his fortune from politics either.

Chicken Feed

Johnson managed to bag a £250,000 per year gig writing a weekly column in The Daily Telegraph. Back in 2009, he was condemned in the press for calling the very generous wage for writing just 52 articles a year, "chicken feed". Most novelists write more words per year than that and receive a fraction of the sort of money Johnson got after Amazon and the publishers take their cut, so no wonder Johnson was rounded condemned for his out of touch and ungrateful attitude. And that was his second job!

It's not what you know

So, how much is Johnson worth? Well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Johnson's got £3.1million in the bank. Having made virtually nothing from his various careers, how exactly has he managed to become a multi-millionaire? It's most likely that proceeds from the sale of his family home, which fetched £3.7million, make up the bulk of his net worth. He only claims £75,000 per year to tell the country what to do.

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