Breakdown Cover

No matter how you treat your vehicle the chances are that at some point a breakdown will happen. Now you could either walk around to the bonnet of the car, open it, look at the engine and realise you have no idea what you are even looking at, or you could get insured.

What exactly do you get with breakdown cover? If you go with Green Flag you get a guaranteed rapid response and quick fix of any problems right there at the side of the road. The greenflag website is simple to navigate with different policies types clearly outlined for you. You can get rapid response cover from as little as £20. Add recovery to that and you are pretty much covered for any unforeseen roadside incidents.

Green flag boasts arrival times of a 30 minute average while the AA or RAC only mange a 40-45 minutes average. They will also let you amend the policies within reason to better suit you. This means that you can remove or add certain elements to the selected policy so you don't pay for any unwanted extras. Greenflag is also one of the most competitive companies on the market when it comes to price. You will be completely covered from the day you get accepted so expect a smooth ride from then on!

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