Breakdown cover in Northern Ireland - your options

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Every day hundreds of motorists from Northern Ireland set about their daily business only to be cut short due to a breakdown. Whether you run out of petrol, get a flat battery or just simply break down, it can cost you hundreds of pounds in towing charges and roadside charges. For this reason we suggest you have efficient breakdown cover in Northern Ireland.

Most fully comprehensive car insurance policies will include free breakdown assistance as standard. If your policy does not include this, we suggest you take a look at The AA. They are the UK's number one providers of breakdown cover and they attend over 3.5 million breakdowns each year. They also pride themselves on being with over 90% of their customers in less than 40 minutes. Policies can be bought online from as little as £28 per year.

The AA has a range of breakdown cover options for Northern Ireland customers including:

  1. Roadside Assistance - 24/7 cover in the event of a breakdown at the side of the road. If your car cannot be fixed it will be towed to a garage free of charge
  2. At Home - All the benefits of roadside assistance with the added sense of security that if your car won't start at home you can call on The AA
  3. National Recovery - This covers you for breaking down anywhere in Ireland and will even bring your car home to your door step for you!
  4. Onward Travel - This includes bed and breakfast for up to 7 people in the event of a breakdown

If you would like to receive a quote from The AA for breakdown cover in Northern Ireland, simply log onto their website at theaa.com.

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