Who offers the best breakdown homestart cover?

When most people are taking out their car insurance, they tend to stick only to the basics. Whether that is fully comprehensive insurance to cover both their vehicle and that of any vehicles involved in an accident with them, third party which only covers the other vehicle or third party, fire and theft which also covers them for any damages incurred through fire damage or the theft of their vehicle, few actually think to consider additional coverage like homestart breakdown cover.

There are many optional policies out there that will cover drivers in the event of a breakdown while they are out driving. In most cases these will involve the company who you took the coverage out with providing roadside assistance for you within a short window of you notifying them. This cover usually ensure that you can be back on the road again as quickly as possible if the car can be repaired.

And while these policies are certainly useful, especially for those of us who need to commute large distances for our jobs, they can have one glaring omission; what happens if your car won't start in your drive way at home?

The only solution available to many is to face the high call out charges for local mechanics - not an ideal answer for anyone looking to save some money. Fortunately, however, there are solutions in place for such a problem.

You can take out breakdown homestart coverage with many of the top motor cover companies in the United Kingdom that will ensure you are back on the road ASAP.

Although it might sound like a needless expense, these policies tend to be quite affordable. We've taken a look at some of the most popular ones in the UK.

The RAC offer homestart breakdown cover in a bundle with roadside breakdown cover for just £28 per year, while The AA have a similar offering for a comparable £30 per year. The cheapest we've found is from newcomers The Green Insurance Company who have a basic policy for just £18.30 per year.

For more information on what you get in each package, you can check out each company's website.

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