What can Bright House loans do for you?

If you're seeking a personal loan then sometimes the best available rates can be found by going outside of the usual old financial institutions and banks. There are more and more niche loan providers popping up in the UK offering brilliant deals to entice you to give them a try.

One such provider is Bright House loans, who specialise in providing people with loans to help you set up home. Think of them as a loan that could be complementary to a mortgage, as it provides the capital to help you pick up items for your new house. Whether it's goods for the kitchen, sitting room sets, a new home entertainment centre, or even the money for a new bathroom, Bright House will entertain your application and get back to you with a quote.

Even for people with a poor credit history or County Court Judgements, Bright House are willing to hear you out, and they won't leave you waiting long for an answer, as they claim to assess 90% of applications on the same day. Once you get the loan, you can set up the repayment schedule to suit yourself. You can pay the loan back weekly or even monthly by direct debit, it's up to you.

Added to this, you can also take out their optional service cover to help keep any purchases you have made protected for twelve months. Better safe than sorry! There is also the option to restart your agreement up to 12 months later, with any payments you have made counting towards the new product. Check them out online at brighthouse.info/company/store-finder.asp.

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