British Airways to increase fuel surcharges

If you’re eyeing a cheap getaway, better not fly British Airways - the airline is increasing its fuel surcharges on long-haul flights, which will have a significant impact on the cost of a typical family break.

BA plans to add on £10 to the one-way fee, which every passenger flying to destinations such as New York, the Caribbean and Australia must pay.

That doesn’tsound much in itself, but it means that a flight for a family of four will cost £80 more – taking into account the return leg.

The airline has blamed the increase, which is to be introduced tomorrow, on a massive hike in oil prices.

The Air Transport Users Council was yesterday appalled by the long-haul flight surcharges, saying: ‘We think fares should be all-inclusive. Passengers don’t need to know what goes into making up that price.’

However, BA, which initially introduced a £5 fuel surcharge in 2004, said there would be no no change to its short-haul flights.

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